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T10 Forum

Review: T10 Forum | 03.03.17

Review: T10 Forum | 03.03.17

Session 1

Recent events and trends, their impact on the development of the banking sector over the next 3 years. What impact does Privatbank’s nationalization have on the Ukrainian banking sector? Which banks will continue to operate in 2020? Has the role of the Ukrainian government changed in today’s conditions, when more than 50% of the banking sector is under the control of state banks? This and more at one of the most exciting sessions of the CIS bankers T0 Forum.

• Serhiy Tigipko, Chairman of the Board / owner of TASKOMBANK, former Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Economy of Ukraine (2000), former Head of the National Bank of Ukraine (2002-2004)
• Dmitry Sologub, Deputy Head of the National Bank of Ukraine
• Sergey Chernenko, Chairman of the Board, First Ukrainian International Bank
• Andrey Pyshny, Chairman of the Board, Oschadbank

Round Table (moderator Tamas Hak-Kovacs, CEO, OTP Bank)
Roundtable discussion topics:
• Is it possible to create a new market leader (non-state)?
• Who claims this role and has the chance?
• How have circumstances changed over the last 15–20 years?
• The state currently owns four large banks. What could they do with these stakes?
• Can we expect new entrants in the market?



The complex political and economic problems of Ukraine are widely known. However, recent events show that cautious optimism is justified. Recent macroeconomic indicators suggest that the crisis has ended, and the government seems determined to provide the banking sector with the necessary support, interventions and reforms to protect the system from collapse with catastrophic consequences. Against this background, banking institutions should improve liquidity, profitability, capital adequacy and reduce the amount of financial abuse.

This is based on digital technology. They must penetrate into each area of ​​operational work, starting with transactions and interactive channels, moving to the middle office, where the corresponding products and services are created, and then to the back office, where all the main operations of the bank are processed and where, in which case, they notify about the risks. The inability to carry out a broad digital transformation will add an additional burden to the already inefficient banking sector, and also prevent Ukraine from making further substantial progress on the long road to recovery.

Regarding these issues, the company Misys, the sponsor of this session, as well as Accenture, which also has extensive and successful experience in assisting Ukrainian banks in solving problems in the field of digital technologies, will share with you valuable information.

After a series of presentations, the session will be closed by a round table of experts led by Robert Kossmann, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Raiffeisen Bank Aval.



At the T10 Forum, we will carefully consider the Ukrainian real estate market. In addition to the traditional themes of project finance, we also learn more about real estate and project development, as alternative areas for investment. Deposits or real estate investments? In domestic or foreign projects? What are the options and alternatives? This and much more will be discussed by a group of leading experts at the last session of this forum.

• Mikhail Merkulov, CEO, Arricano Real Estate PLC
• Maxim Koretsky, Managing partner, CEO, Blackshield Financial Advisers Group Ltd
 • Ofer Kerzner, founder and owner, City Capital Group

After a series of presentations, the session will be closed by a round table of experts led by Sergey Budkin, Managing Partner, of the investment banking company FinPoint.

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