Review: KRIEK TALK with Igor Shevchenko

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Review: KRIEK TALK… with Mark Rollins

Review: KRIEK TALK with Kateryna Rozhkova

Video and photo report from Kriek Talk with Kateryna Rozhkova, 23.11.2018 Please check our YouTube channel to watch for full interview (click here). Please join us for one of our other events in 2019: 15 February | T10 Forum – NPL, Restructuring, Capitalization and Currency Regulations (click to view more details) 29 March | KRIEK TALK – Election Weekend 19 April | T10 Forum – Digitalization 6-7 June | 2nd Amsterdam FinTech Forum ( or click here) 27 September | KRIEK TALK 17-18 October | 8th Ukrainian Banking Forum 22 November | KRIEK TALK 14 December | Christmas & New Year Gala Dinner Image Gallery from KRIEK TALK on 23 November 2018

Kriek to make yourself heard! – An interview with Morten Kriek

Kriek to make yourself heard! An interview with Morten Kriek, founder and CEO of KRIEK (Formerly CIS BANKERS) Morten Kriek (45) was born in the small town of Uden, in southern province of Noord-Brabant in The Netherlands. As the youngest of 5 children, he grew up in a sports mad family and at a young age he already made both the Dutch national cricket team and ice hockey team. “I grew up in a very competitive family”, Kriek said, “and me and my brothers continuously pushed each other to new heights”. In the 90s Morten suffered an injury that effectively ended his potential ice hockey career. With even more determination he focused on his cricket, which resulted in a 2-year professional stint in England’s high profile Surrey League. After winning a league championship with his team, and win...

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