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Attend KRIEK events in 2019

We start the year 2019 with a series of top executive events, not only for banking and finance, but cross-industry! Why should you attend? Upcoming Events: 25.01 KRIEK TALK… with Mark Rollins, CEO, Ukrnafta, Kyiv15.02 Kriek T10 Forum – Bank of the Future, Kyiv29.03 KRIEK TALK… with Ihor Shevchenko – Election Weekend, Kyiv19.04 Kriek T10 Forum – Financial Services in Ukraine: A New Era? Kyiv6-7.06 2nd Amsterdam FinTech Forum, Amsterdam27.09 KRIEK TALK, Kyiv17-18.10 8th Ukrainian Banking Forum, Kyiv22.10 KRIEK TALK, Kyiv14.12 Christmas & New Year Gala, Kyiv You can order membership card and visit all events free of charge. To request card please contact us om email: register@kriek.co

Review: KRIEK New Year Gala Party 2018

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