Ukrainian Banking Forum

Photo Gallery: Ukrainian FinTech Forum

News: Ukrainian FinTech Forum 19 April

Review: 7th Ukrainian Banking Forum

Review: 6th Ukrainian Banking Forum


Review: KRIEK TALK with Igor Shevchenko

Review: KRIEK TALK… with Mark Rollins

Review: KRIEK TALK with Kateryna Rozhkova

T10 Forum

Review: T10 Forum | 15.02.19

Review: T10 Forum | 16.03.18

Review: T10 Forum | 03.03.17

Amsterdam FinTech Forum

Register Now: FinTech Startup Pitch Battle in Amsterdam!

We are now taking registrations from FinTech startups (younger than 2 years and pre-Series A) that would like to pitch in front of a decision making audience of...

2nd Amsterdam FinTech Forum Announced

After a successful inaugural Amsterdam FinTech forum on June 7, 2018, we are looking forward to building on this success in 2019. During the Amsterdam FinTech W...

Sanjeev Kanoria: There is a great momentum and energy about Ukraine

Morten Kriek sits down with Dr. Sanjeev Kanoria to talk about his business, his life, Ukraine and his participation in the CIS BANKERS Ukrainian Banking Forum. ...

Review: Amsterdam FinTech Forum

On June 6, 2018 KRIEK (then CIS BANKERS) organized the inaugural Amsterdam FinTech Forum. Approx. 200 delegates from all over Europe attended 4 interactive sess...

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